As you probably know by now, we’re starting the second segment of our year in South America. We spent the first half traveling in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile (generally going south on the Pacific side of the continent), then returned to the US for a family medical emergency. We’re on our way back to South America now, and one of the positive aspects of our temporary return to the US was that we could tweak our packing a little bit. With more than four months of travel under our belts, we had plenty of experience to draw from. So here’s what we use for packs:

  • Matt carries the larger packs (he is physically bigger, after all), especially since he carries the electronics and all of the spare toiletries. His packs are:
    • a 2009 Osprey Atmos 65 (liter) backpack, in grey, and
    • a 2009 Lowe Alpine Houdini 16 (liter) daypack, in black and lime green
    • Osprey Atmos 65 and Lowe Alpine Houdini pack

  • Stef carries a smaller backpack. We actually found her daypack in Quito, Ecuador – it was the first pack we bought that folds up into itself. She has:
    • a 1997 Dana Design Bomb Pack XS (about 50 liters), in black and purple, and
    • a 2009 Altus Drop 17 daypack, in black and lime green (yes, our packs match!)
    • Dana Design Bomb Pack and Altus Drop 16

We use them for different purposes obviously:

  • The backpacks are for traveling between cities; they carry all of our extra clothing and gear, and serve as “dressers” when we stay in hostels.
  • The daypacks are dual-purpose:
    • We carry them on our daytrips and dayhikes in cities and outside, when we plan on returning to our hostel at night. We carry water, food, cameras, and guidebooks in them (and sometimes a jacket when we fear rain or cold!)
    • We also bring them on the bus when we travel between cities, then they carry our guidebooks, other reading, some food and water, and anything that we can’t afford to lose in a bus (you can always buy new clothes, but a replacement passport takes a lot more time!)

So that’s what we use to carry our stuff…

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  1. Andy Reichert says:

    It was cool to read about your pack situation I have always been a nut for Backpacks Only very recently did I break down and get a suitcase with wheels and a handle. I have a Lowe Alpine contour Classic and Melissa has a Lowe contour IV that I gave her before she left for the Peace Corps in 1991 and we have Timberland and Jansport day packs. Keep on truckin Be safe fly low avoid radar
    Peace And Love Andy

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