On our second time in Peru, we stopped in the Amazon for a few days with our friends Jack and Jen. Our first night there, the river was very still, and the riverboats were docked pretty close. I walked down to the river, and balanced the camera on a railing to capture this – the exposure took about a minute. Click through to see a bigger version of this!

This statue is very reminiscent of the stone moai of Easter Island. It may even be related to them. It’s not a moai though. We actually found this in Colombia’s capital city, Bogota – in the Museo de Oro (museum of gold). As always, click through to see it in more detail!

This is how we first encountered the lost Inca city of Macchu Picchu, the city in the clouds. We hiked about 30 miles over 3 days, at altitude, to get there. It was an amazing view, and the city is incredible. Click through to see this photo and more!


While we were on South Georgia, the weather was fierce. It rained and sleeted and hailed at 30 degrees (F) for the four days there. But the wildlife was amazing. We were so fortunate with all we saw. This was just amazing – the angles and the positions of the three king penguins. There’s a larger version of this available too – click through to check it out.

The day after we arrived in Cuenca (about two months into our trip), we spent the afternoon hanging out in the central square – Parque Calderon. We were just enjoying the public space, doing a little people-watching, and getting ready to plan our next few weeks – as we had just finished a round of travels through central Ecuador, including Riobamba and Banos.

While we were sitting in the park, this group of gentlemen got together on the bench across from us. They stood there for about half an hour, talking and discussing (I have no idea what they said; we were too far away to properly eavesdrop, and besides, our Spanish wasn’t great by that point anyway). I could see it coming together as their discussion progressed. This was the first time I tried the sepia filter in the camera, and it worked great – really captured the timelessness of the image. Hope you enjoy!

Two weeks after we arrived in Costa Rica, I was hanging out at one of the hotels on the peninsula. It was later in the evening, and we were watching the moon rise over the bay. I set up the camera on the brick steps leading out into the yard, and tried a couple of long-exposure shots. This one stood out from the rest – between its color, depth of field, and horizon, it’s a joy to look at. I hope you enjoy it too!